Precautions of Moxibustion

Precautions of Moxibustion
1.Warmings of  moxibustion. It is not advisable to perform Moxibustion when in hunger, fullness, drunkenness, fear, anger and thirsty. Pregnant women and women during menstruation should avoid Moxibustion.
2.Prevent Moxibustion Dizzy. In the moxibustion, if there is sudden dizziness, vertigo, nausea, flustered sweating, pale face and other symptoms for halo moxibustion, you should stop moxibustion immediately, open the window and ventilate.
3.Put out the ash. Ai Rong (Cashmere) is flammable. After applying Moxa moxibustion, the fire must be extinguished to avoid a fire. For remaining moxa stick, it should be scraped in the ash tank in time. After use, the remaining moxa sticks are placed in a sealed iron box to avoid the re-ignition and cause fire. You may use the ash as a plant's organic fertilizer.
4.Whether you are applying moxibustion indoors or outdoors, the acupuncture points after moxibustion must be covered with a blanket or towel to prevent air conditioning or cold wind from blowing to the acupuncture points.
5.When the moxa stick is burned near to the end, it must be clamped with a small spoon or clip to burn it.
6.After moxibustion, you should not take bath with 2 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to take a bath before applying moxibustion. Bathing is recommended to rinse with warm water.
7.It is recommended to apply Moxibustion between 6 am until 9 pm.

1. 灸时的禁忌。不宜在过饥,过饱,酒醉,大恐,大怒,大渴时施灸。孕妇,妇女经期时异不易施灸。
2. 防止晕灸。在施灸中若突然出现头晕,眼花,恶心,心慌出汗,颜面苍白等症状是为晕灸,应立即停止施灸,开窗通风。
3. 扑除艾灰。艾绒易燃,在施完艾条灸后一定要将火熄灭,避免发生火灾。灸时回多了要及时用小勺刮在灰缸里面,用完后将剩余的艾条放在密封的铁盒里闷灭,避免复燃引发火灾。把艾灰当成植物的有机肥。
4. 不论你在室内或户外施灸,灸完后的穴位必须用毛毯或毛巾盖上避免空调或冷风吹到毛孔张开的穴位。
5. 艾条燃烧到尾端时必须用小勺子或夹子把它夹住燃烧完。
6. 施灸后2个小时之内不能洗澡所以我们可以选择洗澡后才施灸。洗澡建议用温水冲洗。
7. 施灸时间建议在白天6点至晚上9点之间。