Dr. Noor Tresor Agarwood Shampoo (250ML)
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Brand Dr. Noor Tresor
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Agarwood hair care system, anti-hairfall, anti-dandruff and anti-hairloss shampoo and serum, specially designed to cleanse the hair scalp and eliminates dandruff.

It is formulated with agarwood, olive oil, virgin coconut oil which will help to effectively eliminate bacteria, hair mites, and fungus.

This formulation is suitable for dandruff, hair loss, oily, itchy, and sensitive scalp. Both can help the blood circulation of the head scalp

Dr. Noor Tresor Agarwood silicone-free shampoo protects your hair silently and aggressively from the moment the hair sprouts.

Dr. Noor Tresor Agarwood Shampoo helps to

  • Improve both follicle and blood vessels
  • Minimize hair loss
  • Experience possible hair growth
  • Regrowth rate as high as 80% in trials.

Agarwood  Benefits:

  • Refined Agarwood Luxury Experience.
  • Agarwood is an extremely precious medicinal material, the price is 1.5 times that of gold,
  • High hydration and high penetration
  • Quickly penetrate hair core, strengthen absorption from the inside out,
  • Repair hair, avoid false slippery feeling, clear roots.
  • The main function of Agarwood is to help our blood circulation, so that
  • We have a healthy scalp pouch, bright hair ...