About Us

What is HealthPlus.my?
We are the Natural Health Products Online Store. We partner with well-established partners to bring the best quality of health related products to the market.HealhPlus.my is operating under AMOS Synergy Sdn Bhd, part of AMOS group of companies. 

HealhPlus.my平台是在AMOS Synergy Sdn Bhd公司下运营,是AMOS集团公司旗下的其中一家公司。 HealthPlus.my是一家提供天然健康相关产品的在线商店。 我们与知名合作伙伴合作,为市场提供最优质的健康相关产品。



Why HealthPlus.my?
Quality, Honesty and Integrity are our core values to bring excellent product and service to the community. We believe everyone has the chance to enjoy the best product with affordable spending. HealthPlus.my aims to provide the high quality products, and reduces the overhead cost in order to provide the products with price much lower than retail stores.

质量,诚信和诚信是我们为社区带来优质产品和服务的核心价值观。 我们相信每个人都有机会以实惠的价格享受最好的产品。 HealthPlus.my宗旨是提供高质量的产品,并降低运营成本,以便提供产品价格远低于零售店的价格。



​Birdnest products on HealthPlus.my?
Our birdnest range of products have obtained ISO22000, HACCP and other international quality certifications. From the source, to cleaning process, to product packaging, every stage are being well-controlled and monitored to ensure the high quality of the product for consumers.

我们的燕窝产品系列已获得ISO22000,HACCP和其他国际质量认证。 从源头到清洁过程,再到产品包装,每个阶段都得到良好的控制和监控,以确保为消费者提供高质量的产品。